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Clinical Data

All Free Clear HCP Clinical Data

A clinical approach to measuring mildness.

The scientific rigor that goes into our unique formulation.

Detergent Mildness Index: Measuring impact on skin

The Detergent Mildness Index (DMI) uses a series of three tests commonly used in the skin-care industry to measure product mildness. all® free clear was shown to be the mildest* sensitive-skin laundry detergent.

* Mildest amongst leading Sensitive Skin laundry detergents. Milder using a combination of 3 tests: zein, cytokine, and corneosurfametry. Patch test results were the same across all sensitive skin detergents tested.

detergent mildness index (DMI)

Zein Test: Measuring protein damage

The Zein Test indicates levels of potential irritancy by analyzing protein damage in the outer layer of skin. This test shows all® free clear maintains skin protein better than other sensitive-skin detergents.

Measuring Protein damage

Corneosurfametry Test: Measuring protein and lipid degradation

The Corneosurfametry Test assesses the degradation of stratum corneum proteins and lipids using top layers of skin that are soaked in detergent, and then placed in a dye to highlight damage. More staining reflects more cell damage.

Here you see that all® free clear is even similar to the control: water.

Measuring protein and lipid degradation

Cytokine Test: Measuring inflammatory response

The Cytokine Test goes deeper to measure inflammatory response due to detergent exposure by testing levels of keratinocyte-derived IL-1⍺.

all® free clear shows minimal response, with skin layers remaining clearly defined.

Measuring inflammatory response
the mildest detergent for your patients

See the DMI in action

Watch this short video used at dermatology conferences. It helps explain the testing that shows all® free clear is the mildest detergent for patients with sensitive skin.*

Articles & publications

Deep dive into the data

A comprehensive understanding on how detergent can affect skin.

American academy of dermatology

American Academy of Dermatology: A novel multifactorial approach to developing mild laundry detergents and assessing their relative mildness

The Detergent Mildness Index (DMI) was used to measure the mildness of several laundry detergents in three laboratory tests: zein, cytokine and corneosurfametry.

laundry detergent and skin irritancy

Laundry detergents and skin irritancy: a comprehensive review

This paper illustrates that certain surfactant compositions in laundry detergents can provide a mild character for sensitive skin.

softened fabric complement the management of sensitive skin

Softened fabrics complement the management of sensitive skin

all® free clear fabric softener, which is free of fragrances and dyes, was ranked as mild and elicited no experimental irritation in a 14-day cumulative irritation study.