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born to be mild

all® free clear was invented by a mom scientist for her child with atopic dermatitis. So we’ve always recognized the burden of living with skin issues.

Since Day 1, we’ve been scientifically formulated to help minimize potential skin irritations. That’s why we’ve partnered with dermatologists to conduct our clinical research. And every year we participate at physician events across the country. We’re always looking for new ways to make our detergent even milder. Because we want your patients – and their laundry – to feel comfortable every day.

All they need is all® free clear

If fabric touches your patients’ skin, recommend they wash it with all® free clear.

Patients have different skin types and different skin sensitivities. We scientifically formulated all® free clear to be the mildest* detergent, with the goal of helping all your patients feel comfortable and confident in their clothes.

all® free clear was created, tested and approved with the guidance of dermatologists. Unlike some other brands, all® free clear didn’t just remove fragrances and dyes; it was formulated from the ground up using a unique blend of ingredients to achieve a superior level of mildness*.

*Mildest amongst leading Sensitive Skin laundry detergents. Milder using a combination of 3 tests: zein, cytokine, and corneosurfametry. Patch test results were the same across all sensitive skin detergents tested.